Dominic is an ex-soldier and an EO with the ability not unlike teleportation by "walking into the shadows."

Appearance Edit

He has tan skin and shaggy hair long enough to hang past his eyes. One of his eyes is fake as a result of an explosion that he had caught in. He sustained main other injuries from his time as a soldier that ended up giving many scars and having most of his bones on his left side either pinned, skewed, or replaced with a synthetic.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Dominic is able to "walk into the shadows" where time is stopped and he can move around to a different location, so that when he walks out, making it look as though he teleported instantaneously to any onlooker. In the shadows he, and anyone he has with him, he is able to move while time is stopped for everyone else, however his movements are slowed and restricted while there. He is able to bring others with him, however there seems to be a limit.