Jonathan is an EO who becomes an ally and bodyguard of Marcella Riggins.

History Edit

Jonathan was a heroin addict that owed money to the mob. One day when some of the boss's men came to collect money, they killed him and his wife, Claire, upon realizing that he did not have what they came for. Later, after finding out he was still alive, the men returned to finish the job, but they all ended up dead and Jonathan walked out unscathed due to his shield protecting him and deflecting back the bullets.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Jonathan is able to protect himself from any and all damage to himself as well as to others that are within his line of sight through a force field type mechanism, leaving a shine when hit. The shield has physical properties, as bullets that hit it will deflect, and possibly hit his assailant. His shield does not only protect him against physical weapons, but also against offensive EO abilities to a certain extent. The shield is constantly protecting him and he has no conscious control over its activation or deactivation.


  • When being hit by continuous waves of pain from Victor, his shield was no longer able to protect him.