Appearance Edit

She has black hair which loosely curls around her face and striking blue eyes. She is always perfectly polished with a luxurious femme fatale type of fashion. June describes her "like Snow White killed the queen and stole the mirror".

Personality Edit

Since she was a child, she has always craved power and is fed up with men constantly underestimating her.

History Edit

Marcella met Marcus at a college party whilst studying business and despite gaining the attention of several men, he was the only one who caught her eye - especially since she knew his family worked in the mob. He attempted to break up with her to keep her safe but she refused and so he instead proposed to her. She helped him work his way up the mob and to become untouchable, gaining power for him and therefore herself. However, it greatly irritated her when the other men dismissed her and for over a decade she plans a hostile takeover of the entire mob.

All is well until her husband comes home late with lipstick on his sleeve and she discovers that he has been cheating on her for a long time. Angered, she attempts to murder him with a kitchen knife but he knocks her out several times with a candelabra then sets the house on fire leaving her trapped inside.

Officer Perry Carson who had been staking out Marcus Riggins, rescues her and the medics manage to save her life.

Plot Edit

Marcella awakes two weeks later in a hospital under police custody. She quickly discovers her power and escapes with the intent on getting revenge.