Sydney is thirteen years old. Since her powers manifested her pulse has slowed and her body temperature is abnormally low. She has the ability to resurrect the dead just by touching them.


She is small and fair with short blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Even for her age, she is described as being rather short and small. She is said to be a miniature version of her sister, Serena as she not only resembled her in physical appearance, but also in the way she dressed.

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Prior to the present day events of Vicious, Sydney lived with her parents and her older sister, Serena Clarke. Her parents often neglected her, leaving her with a watcher, and later by herself, while they traveled for work.

Sydney died a year before meeting Victor and Mitch. She and Serena went on a picnic on top of a frozen lake when the ice broke beneath them and she froze to death in the water. Serena was able to drag the two of them out before dying as well.

After they were brought to the hospital, they both inexplicably came back to life. Sydney soon discovered that she had changed after her death, first in that her body temperature was too low and later, that she could bring the dead back to life. This discovery was made after she accidentally brushed the body of a dead patient and further confirmed when she brought back one of the bodies she found in the morgue.

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Sydney is able to bring those who have died back to life through touch. Currently, there is no known limit to how many times she is able to bring a being back to life as she was able to resurrect her dog, Dol, as well as Barry Lynch twice. However, it is shown with Barry, that the second time had affected his EO ability and made him immune to Victor's pain manipulation, so it is possible that with each resurrection something is lost.

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Serena Clarke Edit

The Clarke sisters looked identical, despite the fact that Serena was seven years older, and seven inches taller. The resemblance stemmed partly from genes and partly from Sydney's adoration for her big sister.

Vicious, 1:Water, Blood, and Thicker Things, XXIX

Sydney always thought highly of her sister and admired her. She would often dress similarly to Serena and imitate her demeanor. In addition to this admiration, Sydney also clung to her sister since she was the only family member who was there for her, as both her parents were always absent. After the events at the lake, the two begin to grow more distant after Sydney senses a change in her sister that made Serena behave coldly toward Sydney.

Victor Vale Edit

Over the course of the last week safe had ceased to be a place for Sydney, and had become a person. Specifically, safe had become Victor.

–Sydney Clarke, Vicious, 2: An ExtraOrdinary Day, XXXIII

Sydney first met Victor after she is shot by Eli and Victor offers his assistance when he finds her walking along the side of a road in the rain. She was at first weary of him, given the circumstances of their first meeting, and is very guarded refusing to tell him exactly why she was shot or what her EO ability is. She slowly began to trust him after finding out his goals aligned with hers in their desire to punish Eli.

Despite having seen Victor's dark and calculating side, she believes that he isn't entirely a bad person and doesn't fear him.

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  • Sydney loves animals.
  • She is a Pisces.