Victor was Eli's roommate at Lockland University. He is an EO (extraordinary) with the power to moderate their pain reception.

Biography Edit

University Arc Edit

As a student, Victor is in a Comprehensive Sciences Seminar with his roommate Eli. While Victor chooses adrenal inducers and adrenaline as his thesis, Eli chooses EOs. Victor confronts him on it, and learns that Eli plans to learn how EOs are made. This leads the two of them to work together on the project.

The two of them realize that EOs can not only exist, but can be made through near-death experiences. As the products of their research slowly become more tangible, they move on to the idea of becoming EOs themselves. Victor, wanting to be the first one to do so, offers to go first, by way of drug overdose. This attempt fails, and Victor ended up in the hospital and under suicide watch.

Eli takes the next attempt, this time by cooling himself in ice water until his heart stops. This time, it is successful, giving Eli spontaneous healing.

Victor decided to become an EO without Eli's help due to growing tension and jealousy between them. He convinces Eli's girlfriend, Angie Knight, who was also his close friend, to help him electrocute himself. He blacks out and his heart stops. Upon coming to, he is in deep pain. He forces the pain to stop, and when he starts it again, the experience kills Angie.

Eli discovers her death, causing him to seek retribution. He calls the police on Victor, eventually instigating Victor's arrest for Angie's murder and the beginning of their 10-year feud.

Prison Arc Edit

Victor is in maximum-security prison for five years due to being under suspicion as an EO. Because he shows no evidence of being one, they eventually put him in a lower security prison where he meets Mitch Turner, his large and tattooed cellmate and a pacifist who is plagued by misfortune. They become friends and escape together. During these four years, Victor practices the use of pain and learns to control his powers.

Present Arc Edit

Upon escaping prison with Mitch, they steal a car and rent a room in the Esquire Hotel. A week later, Victor buys a newspaper and finds Eli's picture on the front page, in an article entitled "CIVILIAN HERO SAVES BANK." On the way back to their hotel, Victor stops the car and picks up the pained person he can sense by the side of the road, who turns out to be Sydney Clarke, a 12 year old EO.

Appearance Edit

He is blonde and fair.

I'm not even using my new trick yet. It's not as flashy as yours, but it's rather effective.

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